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Ewebal SMS Provides Coverage for 500 Networks Round the world our multiple international sMs routes make Un-hindered access to SMs Delivery. For the Past Years we have garnered substantial Goodwill from flexibleSMs Connectivity and Coverage Distribution.

Our Clienteles Know Us for Silence in un-paralleled Sms delivery

We are not like others who tell you 0.70kobo and charge excess. We charge you 1 unit for one SMS to all networks.

       Features of Ewebalsms:

  • User friendly interface
  • 2 free Sms Unit upon Signup.
  • Schedule SMS and Deliver Anytime of Choice.
  • Units that never Expires.
  • 1 Recipient consumes 1unit for as low as 1.90kobo Per Unit using our QTL powerful SmS Distribution Route.
  • Weekly Sms Unit Bonus. T & C applied
  • Online payment Integrated: Pay with Your ATM CARD
  • Automatic SMS Route Switch.
  • Sms/Cash Bonus when you refer client for unit purchase. T & C applied.
  • Debt Profile for Sincere Customers with Purchase Reputation.
  • Automatic Removal of Duplicate Numbers.
  • SMs Unit Transfers to other users
  • Automatic Country code addition for Nigeria: i.e you don’t need to add +234 to your numbers.
  • Instant Account Crediting upon payment online.
  • Two Way sMs Reseller. Joomla & aspx. Platform.






OUR HOTLINES ARE: 08180710023



Chat With our Live Customer Service Assistant By clicking on CHAT WITH US on the top left pane of the site .

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 Click Download Above To Get Our SMS Quick Guide

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